Port Aransas is for the Birds

Birding Adventures in Port Aransas - and 3 places to visit in the Fall!

Great Egret

The Port Aransas area has one of the highest bird counts in the Gulf Coast.  My coastal bird knowledge, at this point, doesn’t go much beyond brown pelicans, sea gulls and sand pipers.  I have always admired the folks that can look around and identify every bird in sight. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people!   So, in anticipation of spending time in this birder’s paradise, I started researching places in Port A that could help me learn.  I am delighted to find that there are a great number of resources available in the area including some free guided walks.  Here are a few locations I plan to check out on our next trip to the coast:

  • Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center – On Wednesdays at 9 am you can participate in a free guided tour. The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible. Be on the look out for Boots and Bags, their resident alligators.
  • Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond – In addition to it’s usual residents, Paradise Pond is a great spring stop for the migratory warblers and songbirds. The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible.
  • Wetland Park – This park is home to water birds and cranes. The wheelchair accessible boardwalk leads to a lovely gazebo near the tidal flats.

Another resource to check out is the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Costal Birding Trail Maps.  This website is incredible with it’s detailed description birds and locations for bird viewing.

I can’t wait to grab this map,  visit these places, learn some more birds, and start putting my identification skills to work.


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