Port Aransas Beach

The Port Aransas Beach on Mustang island has wonderful soft powder sand.  People bring umbrellas and shade tents for some shelter from that bright Texas sun.  Even at the beach, in the summer, it’s just really hot.  But, I would rather be really hot at the beach, than someplace else!  Some people attach kites to their shade tents which is a testament to that great Gulf breeze – those kites stayed up in the air all day!  What a great way to locate their spot after playing in the water getting carried down the beach from the current.  We recently were introduced to the beach umbrella anchor – a great invention.  If you don’t have one and have a beach umbrella, you need one!  It screws into the sand to give your umbrella just a little more stability in that great Gulf breeze.

As we all know, schlepping the beach gear can be a big challenge – the towels, the cooler, the umbrella or tent, the toys, etc.  In Port A, you can load your gear into your car and drive to the beach on the beach road. The beach road is between the dunes and the wooden post markers.  Parking is on the post marker side of the road. A $12 annual parking permit is required. You can purchase the permits on the beach, usually near an entrance road.  On our recent beach trip we saw a family using a heavy duty wagon (like the kind you might find for sale at Home Depot) to move their gear.  Since our place is walking distance over a boardwalk to the beach, we thought this would be a great alternative to loading up the car.

During the summer (Memorial Day – Labor Day) Port Aransas beach is watched by the Port Aransas Beach Guards from Avenue G south to Sandcastle Drive.


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