Port Aransas Rental Location

These are the maps to get to our house from the major areas in Austin. If you’re using Google Maps, we’re part of a private community, and the address doesn’t always work right. You can paste in the location, like this:
and then you can click get directions. Here are a few maps that will tell you where we are relative to the beach.

Here are directions links from some of our common guest locations:

Note that if you’re coming in at rush hour, you’re going to be taking a ferry so there could be a wait. You may want to reroute to go through Corpus Cristi. It’s best to have both maps in your car, just in case.

The Boardwalk

No houses are right on Port Aransas beach because there’s a state park road running down the middle of it, and the protected dunes separate the houses from bordering the beach directly. That said, what you’re looking for is direct access to a walkway, and shorter is better. We’ve got great beach access:

Emmy on the boardwalk

You can see the house, and the entrance to the private La Playa community board walk, and the beach. We’re close enough for you to hear the waves on the beach, and the walk and drive to the beach are about 5 minutes. Here’s the larger view, showing you where we are on the Port Aransas beach:

View of walking through dunes

That’s probably exactly where you want to be. You can see that we’re right in the heart of the beach, but not too close to either end of the park.

Finally, here’s a map with pins in the rental and in town:

You’re close enough, and far enough, if you know what I mean. We’ll be adding a few walking and driving maps to places in the Port Aransas area.


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