Port Aransas Late October

Congratulations to our friend Paul Horton, skipper of Tribology, and crew who won the multi-hull class and fastest time awards in the 2010 Harvest Moon Regatta.  Paul, his wife Shearon, Yogi the Golden Retriever, and Paul’s nephew Andrew came to stay with us at the beach house after the race.  What a great time we had!

Paul checking the lines

Paul checking the lines on Tribology on Lake Travis


Paul and Shearon on Lake Travis for the balloon flight

Paul and Shearon on Lake Travis for the balloon flight

Shearon and I started out Thursday night rearranging the kitchen – actually really fun!  Taking a break from the organizing, we headed out to dinner at Virginia’s on the Bay.  We both ordered Shrimp Louis – a delicious salad with crispy romaine lettuce, black olives, boiled eggs and wonderful shrimp with a remoulade dressing.  The restaurant is right on the Port Aransas Harbor and with it’s open air seating and great views, it was a delightful place to spend the evening.  After dinner we shopped at the Family Center IGA to stock the fridge and then went back to finish the kitchen.  I should have taken some before and after photos!

The next morning (really early!!) Shearon got the call that Tribolgy had arrived at the harbor, the second boat in out of nearly 200,  and she and Yogi went off to pick up the crew from their adventure on the Gulf.  It had been terribly windy overnight on the water, so we were happy to hear they had arrived safely.  While she was away, I introduced my Golden Retriever, Emmy, to the beach.  We were out the door, down the boardwalk and on the beach road in time for sunrise. It was a beauty.  The wind and waves were spectacular and Emmy and I practically had the place to our selves.  She loved it.  I let her off leash (before I saw the leash law sign on my way back) and she ran joyfully across the sand as fast as she was able for about 25 minutes. Darn that leash.

Friday afternoon Shearon made us a wonderful beef and rice lunch.   After the meal we did what everyone should do at least one day at the beach, we napped!  What a great afternoon!  Shearon, Paul, Andrew and I had all planned to go out to dinner that night, but we were all still groggy, so about 9 pm we pulled out the lunch leftovers (Shearon had the foresight of making a double batch.) It was actually perfect planning and timing because Bruce and the girls arrived at the beach house about that time from Austin and they were all hungry. The girls (our two and a friend) were wild with excitement about being at the beach house.  The adults ate while the kids played in the loft.  Bruce took them for a nice moonlit walk on the beach after everyone finished eating.

Saturday morning I took the girls shopping (flip flops, souvenirs and food.)  After lunch, we loaded all the beach gear in the wagon (a garden utility version) and walked down the boardwalk to the beach to stay for a few hours.  They had a blast digging away and building up and watching the water wash everything clean again.  I enjoyed watching them.  Simple pleasures for sure.  I could only lure them away from the water with the idea of heading to Coffee Waves for gelato.  Andrew had read about the location online and it had some great reviews, so I thought we should try it out. It did not disappoint!  The gelato was great – a lot of different flavors, the staff was fun and patient with all the girls wanting what seemed like a million tastes.  I had a combo of rocky road and strawberry.  One of the girls put together lemon and pistachio – sounds weird but it totally worked!  We actually like the place so much we went back once more for gelato and another time for Italian sodas and coffee.  It’s not far from the house, so next time we are in Port A, we will walk there!

Saturday night while Paul and Andrew went to enjoy the post race festivities,  Bruce and I took the girls to Jay’s Seafood and Spaghetti Works. One of our girls had eaten there before when she came with a friend and loved it.  I had a great meal of shrimp and artichokes in a garlic butter sauce.  Yum! We will definitely go back.  After dinner we made our second run of the day to Coffee Waves and then headed back to the beach for another moonlit walk on the beach. We walked to the Horace Caldwell Pier. It was a fair hike to be sure, but really worth it. The moon was full and the night was gorgeous. It brought out the best in my kids – they cartwheeled, danced and spun their way down the beach laughing and playing in moonlight so bright, it cast shadows.  It was wonderful to see these teen and tween girls so utterly free from their usual angst. It was beautiful.  We walked to the end of the pier full of fishermen to see the incredible waves rolling and roiling in.  The biggest ones crashed and exploded 8 feet in the air! It was quite a sight.

Sunday morning came and after another sunrise walk on the beach we went to Virginia’s, this time for breakfast.  Paul and Andrew had not been their before and we thought they would enjoy the atmosphere. We saw some of the boats from the race and Paul told us about some of the more hilarious race stories as well as the real dangers some of the boats faced in such tremendous wind.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we really had to drag ourselves back home today.  It was hard to leave, so we stopped in at Coffee Waves (third time!) for Italian Sodas to take a little of the lightness of the weekend with us.  Can’t wait to go back!


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