Spruced up for Summer

I completed the circuit of beach houses today – traveled from Port A to Galveston for a one nighter at Las Brisas. The drive was really lovely – the coastal vegetation is lush! Coming from drought stricken Central Texas, I marvel at green grass on the roadside. The fields and pastures I drove past were a gorgeous green.

Upon arrival, I unloaded some new adirondack chairs and a few other things at the house (to make room in the car!). I then drove into town to load up on supplies for summer and to get the best gluten free pizza at Mario’s on Seawall. I had waited all day for that deliciousness of warm mozzarella, crisp crust, spinach, roma tomatoes, mushrooms and thinly sliced sausage. It’s a good thing I like it so much, too, because I ate it at 4pm, 8pm and again at 1o this am for breakfast. Since I was there for such a short time, I didn’t want to get groceries!

After returning from town, I unloaded the car (again) and went straight to the beach. The light was perfect and I wanted to snap a few photos. It was spectacular!

Pointe West boardwalk at sunset

Pointe West boardwalk at sunset

Pond out back at sunset

Pond out back at sunset

I also found a beautiful shell, intact but for one little hole drilled into it.

Sea Treasure

Sea Treasure

I had to laugh when I saw this long lost flip flop and wondered how long it had been in the water before it washed up again!

A long lost flip flop

A long lost flip flop

The houses are ready for summer – stocked with supplies for all our guests. As always, the moment I am in the car to head home, I want to be back at the beach.  Since my family can’t be there all the time, I am very happy to share our beach homes with others who love the sand in their toes and salt on their skin as much as I do.


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