Beach Dreaming

I love the water. I live near a lake but I still find myself longing for salt water. I spent the 4th of July in one of my favorite places – at my uncle’s beach house in Scituate, MA.Image

I sit on the deck watching the surf. I kayak in the ocean and in the tidal estuaries. I walk along the shore. I watch my girls grow up and enjoy each other. We don’t go to the Gulf much in the summer because the house is (hopefully!) rented to guests. I must admit that I do watch the occasional space in the summer calendar of Las Brisas and the Blue Roost with a bit of longing, hoping the date books and at the same time hoping it doesn’t so we can go for a visit.

I love the beach houses because it’s a break from the bits of daily life. I don’t get mail there. I’m not surrounded by all the stuff one accumulates during life. I’ve been pretty good about keeping enough supplies and stuff at each beach house to give the comfort of home without overcrowding it. It’s simple. And I breathe. And I am present. I want to be that way in everyday life. 🙂 What do you do to bring the vacation back with you to reality? Is it possible?


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