A Day in Port A….

Hitting the beach

We went to Port A for a very quick trip – just over 24 hours. I was desperate to get to the beach! We arrived at 1 and headed over the boardwalk to the water. It was BEAUTIFUL. Really the best time at the beach there in memory. NO seaweed. NO jellyfish and just about NO churning sand in the surf. The water was clear and warm. It was marvelous. Lots of folks of all ages were out enjoying the water and the sun.

I was really happy when The South Jetty, the local Port A paper, came into my inbox today, especially since we had been in town so recently. I read the paper top to bottom everyweek but LOVE reading the letters to the editor and the police blotter. I like the letters because it gives me a sense of what’s going on with the folks in the town. There are frequent comments on traffic and loose dogs. Both clearly problematic and frustrating and right on. The police blotter reminds me of a Jerry Springer show – oh, the things people do are amazing!  The crazies from this week included guns found on a property and a person doing donuts on the beach in a car that was full of kids, one kid ejected (hopefully unhurt), and the kids were released into the custody of the women in the car. I’m sure that’s going to be a family story for a LONG time.

However the REALLY crazy story was a shark tale. A person had been reeling in a 120 lb blacktip shark when it was eaten by a 700 lb tiger shark. Holy Cow! The story reported that the larger shark took half of the smaller shark in ONE bite. Yikes! A good story for sure….


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