Hurricane Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. We keep a watchful eye on the Gulf with mixed emotions. Living in Central Texas, we see our lakes and rivers severely low to due to the ongoing drought. I want some rain at my house but not quite so much that the coastal areas have any damage from a tropical storm. It’s a double edged sword, this wanting and not wanting.

Las Brisas in Galveston survived Hurricane Ike in 2008. If you are at the house and look in the garage you can see the water line from the storm surge. Scary, but all the water stayed below the main floor. Thank goodness for height requirements and construction codes!

Hurricane Ike - from Wikipedia

Hurricane Ike – from Wikipedia

One time in Galveston as I was shopping at The Strand, I picked up a book about the hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900. A Weekend in September was a great read, written in the 1950’s and compiled interviews with folks who survived the hurricane. That book is all I ever need to read to know that I will NEVER ride out a storm on the coast. What a terrifying experience that would be. Nothing is worth it.

So, we know that Las Brisas can likely ride out a hurricane on it’s own. The Blue Roost might be another matter.  I think Category 3 Hurricane Celia in 1970 was the last major hurricane to hit the middle Texas Coast. We are prepared with boards and contacts to board up the house should we need it. We nearly activated the drill last summer when we thought one was coming, but it passed us by. Whew. Sort of.

At any rate, here’s hoping we get some rain during this hurricane season…but not too much!


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