Guest Stay: November 6, 2012

This is a great play to get away from everything! I simply wanted a break, and this was a perfect place. It was very quiet in the fall season and that was just perfect! I brought my dog and she loved the place, too. We walked up and down the beach, some days we were completely alone, making the only tracks visible on the beach, and other days we met friendly people who were beach combing, surfing, para-surfing, and swimming. The beach was very clean and quickly accessible.

I loved to cook and this place has a great set-up. I got fresh seafood from nearby shops (Alex’s or Seven Seas) and had a blast with all sorts of treatments, including using the fabulous grill/brazier combo for bar-b-q. I joked that this was a 7-day shrimp festival. I cooked it in almost every way possible: scampi, butterflied an fried, barbecued, prima vera, enchilads, tacos, fajitas, and more! I enjoyed especially watching the wildlife.

Each day some new birds found the pond in back. I watched them from the decks and usually ate meals outside as well. I did enjoy the hammock chair on the deck. We also tracked down lots of sand crabs and hermit crabs. “Las Brisas” or breezes is right! I typically opened the house up and just let the wind blow through the house. I enjoyed sea breezes and land breezes both.

We made it a habit to check out each sunset on the beach. Very different looking almost every day. This trip was for rest, so I didn’t need many activities, but we did watch the beach daily. We enjoyed the bay-side as well.

We participated in community activities, including crab catching. We didn’t check it out but we had access to the pool and other amenities at the club house.

This place was awesome even for just me and the dog alone, but it would sleep many very comfortably. There are three bedrooms, two with traditional bedding and the third with bunk beds for lots of kids. We were able to find several nearby churches and chose one to attend Sunday. Navigation in the area is super simple.


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