Stocking a Kitchen

Kitchen at the Blue Roost

Kitchen at the Blue Roost



Kitchen at Las Brisas

Kitchen at Las Brisas


To me, one of the most important rooms to get right is the kitchen. That’s probably because I like to cook. Both our beach homes hold a lot of people, and the kitchen supplies reflect that. It’s just not right to have a house that sleeps 14 and stock a kitchen with supplies that would cook only a meal for 4!  For my planning purposes, I thought about common meals I cook and what I would need for doing that easily – for breakfast we like eggs and occasionally bacon and pancakes or waffles. For lunch usually sandwiches, maybe grilled. For dinner, spaghetti with tomato sauce and either sausage or ground turkey. So, minimally, each vacation house should contain the following necessities:

  • a coffee maker
  • a tea kettle
  • a toaster or toaster oven
  • a waffle iron
  • a griddle
  • a non stick egg pan
  • a large frying pan
  • a stock pot big enough to cook spaghetti or boil shrimp for a crowd
  • a roasting pan large enough for a good sized turkey
  • a few casserole dishes
  • a blender
  • enough cups, plates and silverware that you don’t have to wash all of them right after a meal to be able to eat again
  • a decent set of knives
  • a corkscrew of some sort
  • a can opener
  • serving dishes and plates for a large dinner group
  • cooking utensils – including a spatula for non stick pans

It’s also nice to have:

  • coffee, tea, and sugar
  • basic spices (salt, pepper, basil, oregano, seafood, burger and poultry seasoning)
  • skewers
  • a muffin tin
  • a pizza pan
  • a mid size pan – good for a large can of soup or boiling eggs

I do stock each kitchen with a roll of paper towels and some basic cleaning supplies (dishwasher soap, dish soap, windex, bar keepers friend, some kind of everyday disinfecting spray and a new sponge) to make it easy for the guests to clean up after themselves. Most of the guests want to take good care of the place, so it’s good to give them tools to do so!

If you aren’t a cook, take someone to your vacation rental who is and get their opinion about your kitchen set up. You want to have as much there as possible to make the stay convenient for your guests.

What would you like to have in a kitchen at a vacation rental?


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