Pets or No Pets at a Vacation Rental

Pets or no pets, that is the question….or at least its one of them at a vacation rental.

Pet friendly or not? How and why we decided to make our vacation rental beach houses great for Fido (and Emmy and Yogi, etc.)

My family is allergic to cats, so those darlings are almost always not allowed. However, we do have a dog, so we really had to consider whether or not we would allow other folks to bring their dogs too. We did ultimately decide to be a pet friendly rental, but there are a few strict guidelines we enforce.

  • Dogs must be on flea preventative. Ours came home with sand fleas once and was miserable. I let everyone know about that experience.
  • Dogs must be good citizens – not aggressive or constant barkers. Obviously must be house trained.
  • Dogs should be crated when left alone and should not be left on the decks for long periods of time. We don’t want the neighbors complaining about noise.
  • Owners must pick up after pets.
  • Dogs are not allowed on furniture.

I don’t charge a pet fee or an additional damage deposit, however, I let all the guests know that if there is damage or exceptional cleaning needed, some of the damage deposit will be withheld. I do add a pet addendum explaining this to the rental contract and the owners send it back to me signed.

There is room for exceptions. Once we were asked to allow a guinea pig, so we did. It was in a cage, not loose 🙂


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