Technology at the Vacation Rental

How connected do you want to be?

With our ever connected world these days, guests may want to get away from it all and unplug or not. We’ve designed our vacation rentals to be our ‘home away from home.’ We like to go there to play, but sometimes we need to work too, so for us, being able to be connected is a must.


Our guests expect to have it. Even if you are at the beach, it’s hard to live without it.  For my husband who often works while the rest of us play, its a necessary connection to the office that lets him travel with the family and work remotely. For those long term guests, it’s key to have internet as well.


Currently, we have satellite or cable at the beach houses. The televisions at one of our houses are from the dinosaur age and are in need of an update to flat screens. We’re planning on upgrading them in October. I’ve also been reading about vacation homes now offering Netflix.  I’ve already bought the Blu-ray disc/dvd player that streams Netflix and Vudu so we are moving this direction.  We are planning on testing this at one house before doing it at both.


Landline? I know – who uses those anymore! We just got rid of ours at home, but we do still keep a landline at the vacation homes.  Everyone has cell phones now, but in the event  of a medical emergency, I am not quite comfortable not having the landline for guests at the beach.

Gaming Stations

We do not provide these, but I know of vacation rentals that do.



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