More Hurricanes

With the two recent storms going across Mexico, the Texas Coast was sure to feel an impact. While Port A didn’t receive a hurricane, my phone was a buzz with tweets from the Nueces County Office of Emergency Management about high tides and rip tides and about a day later, the same from the Galveston Office. It made me very happy to have such technology in my pocket! While I am sure our guest was watching the weather, I was glad to be able to contact her and make sure she knew about the potential trouble in the water.

Big waves in Port A

Big waves in Port A

One of the things I like best about both our beach houses is the proximity to the water. It’s great in fair weather and a bit worrisome in bad. My guest in Port A said the waves were pretty high from Ingrid and that the high tide actually came over the beach road which is next to the dunes that protect my neighborhood. YIKES! Yes, and that is just from a storm that didn’t even hit Texas!  As Suzanne said, we may have dodged a bullet with that one!

Abby on the beach at high tide in Port A

Abby on the beach at high tide in Port A


Well so far so good for Hurricane Season of 2013.  As I write this from my kitchen table in Austin, we are getting rain (finally) from the remnant of the second hurricane in Mexico. Maybe this will be a drought buster with no ill effect on the coast.




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