The renovations continue at the Blue Roost. The tile is mostly done. The color washed out of the black grout leaving it a mottled gray. NOT GOOD. But, the product that fixes that problem came in this week and the contractor started coloring the grout back to black and it looks AWESOME! I wasn’t sure the dark wood look tile was going to work when the grout washed out, but it looks superb with that issue on the mend.

This weekend, we also said good bye to that old 1980’s popcorn ceiling.  All the furniture was moved out of the kitchen and living area into the downstairs bedrooms.

The ceiling scrapings...on the floor....

The ceiling scrapings…on the floor….

Most of the popcorn came off easily. Part of the reason we were doing the renovation is that the ceiling hadn’t been primed before the texture was put on and unfortunately, it started to fall off this Fall….when guests were there! Best to take care of that problem in the slow season once and for all!

Down to the wallboard

Down to the wallboard

We also took the opportunity to remove the old track lighting you can see in the upper left corner in the photo above – one black light mixed with a few white ones. The new lights will be silver.

All sealed up

All sealed up

The contractors were back today to texture. Paint goes on tomorrow!

While the contractors were busy with the interior, Bruce and I were busy with the exterior…finishing the deck project. We started staining it this summer, but seriously underestimated how much we needed. Major bummer to discover that the nearest retailer for the stain was over 2 hours away. So, the floors and the railings were finished, but the stairs and some of the facia boards were left undone until this weekend.

Stained Deck....

Stained Deck….

You can’t make an old deck new, but you can make it look better! Love the way the dark deck makes the white lattice and trim stand out. Happy to have it refreshed.


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