Restaurant Reviews – Seafood and Spaghetti Works

Seafood and Spaghetti Works (Bruce’s Yelp Review)

Inside the new dome at Seafood and Spaghetti Works

Inside the new dome at the Seafood and Spaghetti Works

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4/5 stars
If you’re familiar with my reviews, you know about my beach rules. Basically, I grade on a curve. Quality tends to suffer in beach towns due to the lack of competition and uneven seasonable customer loads. I rate against the other establishments in the area.This place has been around a long time, a block or so down, but the name is new (it used to be Jakes Seafood and Spaghetti Works, and a few other names, I think). It’s a Port Aransas institution. Everyone knows about the restaurant in the dome.I have had many of their fish dishes in the past. I don’t think they’re great, or terrible. Just meh, like most of the places in Port Aransas. I wanted to step out and try some other things on the menu.I got a margarita, rocks salt… came frozen, and was a little too sweet. Good ingredients; poor execution. OK drink.I got the salad bar. It was great before, with fresh bread and a couple of nice soups. It’s great now. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep a salad bar fresh in the off season, but they pulled it off. I didn’t partake of the bread, but it’s hot and fresh and the other patrons were raving about it.

I ordered a couple of appetizers instead of dinner. The first came out: tuna with some good sauces drizzled on and pepper slices on top. It was absolutely sunning in presentation, and I am a big tuna fan. But it was a disappointment. Tuna when prepared well is supposed to melt in your mouth. This was cooked a little too long, or at the wrong temperature, and the result showed. It was still ok.

Tuna Appetizer

Tuna Appetizer

I also ordered the oysters parmesan. This dish caught my attention. They were served over spinach and with parmesan and other cheeses on top. They were perfectly cooked and flavorful. I liked them.

Oysters Parmesean Appetizer

Oysters Parmesean Appetizer

The new digs are nice. They don’t have the quirky charm of the old slightly creaky dome, but the structure is grand and impressive, with a nice view and a very large serving room.

All in all, it’s a decent option in Port Aransas. It’s not the best, but there are lots of worse options in town. If you want to check out an institution and a cool touristy experience, or if you’re willing to do do a simple dish or a good salad bar, this is a good bet.

Three solid tunas. Beach rules round up… in Port A, you could do much worse.


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