Restaurant Reviews – Beaches Cafe and Bakery

Beaches Cafe and Bakery (Bruce’s Yelp Review)

Beer on Tap

Beer on Tap

118 Beach St
Port Aransas, TX 78373
(361) 749-2271

Categories: CafesBarbequeSeafood

3.5/5 stars
Let me first say that I rate salt water tourist places on a curve. Since there are so many people in the high season and so few at off times, the quality you’ll typically see might not be otherwise present. Good help is harder to find and keep, and you’ve got some market demographics that will steer you to safe food, which usually means beige, cooked on the well-done side, and bland.Enter Beaches. They specialize in BBQ and seafood.First impressions: nice building, clean and well decorated. I was promptly greeted with friendly staff. I have had three dishes there. One was their seafood special. This one was really well prepared. The cod, shrimp, and crab cakes were all perfectly prepared. All had decent seasoning. The only down side of this part of the meal were the condiments. Cocktail sauce and tarter sauce both tasted like they came out of the can, and a bad can at that. It’s so little effort to make your own and control the quality, that I think a place charging north of 15 bucks a plate really should endeavor to try. Mashed and gravy were very good.

The BBQ was also mixed. This place has a little geographic amnesia. You’re from Texas, Beaches! That means brisket, not pork. But the pork ribs were far and away the star of the show. Fall-off-the-bone tender. The brisket was just meh, a little on the dry side. Maybe this would be better on a night where there were more people and enough staff to cut to order. Maybe not, too.

I like the concept of having multiple sauces available, especially for the BBQ joints that are not the best of the best (those don’t need sauce). I tasted three, and they were all nice.

All in all, my Beaches meals were competently executed. I’d feel a little bit better if more of the details were right, and the place had a chef with a plan, rather than a formula.

Beach rules apply. Three and a half stars, with a half-star bump because of the competition. Four stars, and one of the better and more consistent places in Port Aransas.


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