Restaurant Reviews – Beach and Station Street Grill

Beach & Station Street Grill (Bruce’s Yelp Review)

Beach and Station Grill

Beach and Station Grill

Category: Seafood

5/5 Stars
Places near the beach in any tourist town are usually more miss than hit. For me, the keys to building a good place are three:- Know who you are. It’s much better to specialize than to try to be a generalist.  Decide who your customers will be. Let the rest go; there will be plenty of people.
– You want to have a few dishes that you can execute well, even when there are a bunch of people waiting.
– Don’t compromise on quality. Some beach places make the mistake of believing that there will always be customers. If you establish a bad reputation, the tourists can bail you out. But if you establish a great reputation, you’ll take your business into the off season, and that’s the secret between turning an average balance sheet into a good one.So Beach and Station Street. They know who they are. And on a Thursday morning at 11:30, their parking lot was packed. With locals and repeat customers, mostly fishermen. That’s a good sign.They had a signature dish: their gumbo. I didn’t have it, but every single customer was raving about it. I wanted to stay Gluten free, so I stayed away from it because of the flour used for thickening. But the fish I had and the shrimp appetizer broke the two iron clad Beach fare rules:- you must overcook everything so ignorant customers won’t send it back
– you must avoid flavor at all cost so the older customers won’t send it back

I had a shrimp appetizer which was probably the best shrimp I had all week. The entree was a mahi mahi tuna with a shrimp and avocado pico on top. Really, it was more of a tomato relish. Either way, it was absolutely perfectly cooked, with simple and wonderful flavor.

The place isn’t much to look at. But they know who they are. If you want a place with a soul, you have to start with a chef that has a plan. Beach and Station, you have a soul. I’ll be back.


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