All in and all set

Last week my sister and I traveled to Las Brisas in Galveston to drop off a motherlode of supplies for the summer. And of course, while there, we did some refreshing and updating. I loved going with Ches. We left late on Sunday afternoon so we could have a sweet visit of 3 nights at the coast – we wanted to work in one day of relaxing. As busy mothers of busy kids, those free hours are precious. I even wrote ‘relax’ on my to do list. Sick, I know.

Sunday night we arrived late – the frogs were performing a symphony. I’ve never heard them so loud! Some trilled, others croaked. The croaking sounded alternatively like a duck quacking or creaking bed springs! Glad the ponds were full of life. Happily, we found no mosquitos.

The first morning at the house we woke up early and took a walk. The Sargassum this year seems to be record breaking. Pointe West is grooming every few days, but this had come in overnight. The seagulls were having a feast.

The sargassum

The sargassum

Love my sister!

Love my sister!


After the walk, we got to work – headed into Galveston to match the wall paint. That has been a real ongoing challenge, but at last we did it. While at the Sherwin Williams we found a perfect accent color too. So, we got a sample of that as well. After a few other stops in town we headed back to the house to meet the A/C folks. As we were heading into summer, wanted to double check the system.  All well.  We actually then drove back to Galveston to pick up a gallon of the selected “Copen Blue” accent color. LOVE it.

We touched up every wall in the house – it looks new again! No more luggage marks on the stairs or chair marks in the dining area. And painted the beautiful accent color on the back wall of windows. Hooray!

Beautiful Copen Blue

Beautiful Copen Blue

We tried a new place in Surfside for dinner Monday night with Chesney’s mother in law and best friend who also happened to be at Pointe West that week – the Red Snapper Inn. Totally worth the drive. We are difficult diners, with an assortment of allergies and they accommodated all of them – Gluten Free and Soy Free! I had a fabulous dinner of Snapper Vera Cruz. So big it made two meals. Will definitely be going back. The menu was fabulous.

Tuesday, Bay Area Chimney Sweeps came to clean out my vents – it’s bird nesting season and unfortunately, the vents had become home to several birds. They blocked my dryer vent and that was becoming problematic. Vents cleaned and covered by 11 am. The rest of the day we spent at the Beach Club and in the hammock chairs.



Hammock Chairs

Hammock Chairs

We read and chatted for hours and went to bed early!


And the next morning went home to the busyness that is May and the end of the school year. The house is ready for our summer guests – hope everyone experiences the refreshment that we did. Minus the sunburn!

Happy Summer!


2 thoughts on “All in and all set

  1. I just painted my living room Copen Blue. what is the color next to it? I am looking for a coordinating color and this one looks great!

    • Hi Fanny –
      Don’t you just love Copen Blue! The color next to it is a custom blend. It was in the house before we bought it and I’ve been unable to find the original manufacturer. I think Sherwin Williams has some nice tans/beiges that will be great for you. Have you looked at ‘Muslin’?

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