500 Miles

This week we had a few open days at the Blue Roost, so I took my girls and 3 of their friends down to Port A for a last minute late summer getaway. 5 teenagers and me – a slightly stressed out hormonal forty-something mom, as well as a neighbor’s grief stricken dog (her sister recently died) that the girls were watching. It was a good kind of crazy.

Group shot

One of the kids is leaving for college in a week and two of the others are beginning their senior year. The younger set are starting off their sophomore year. There’s a lot of intense change in a short period of time happening for all of them. The beach house is a bit of a respite (hideaway?) from the daily stresses of all things surrounding this crazy time for them as well as for me. It was a perfect time at the coast – sun, sand and surf. NO seaweed and NO mosquitos. NO PSAT or ACT prep or college applications. Bright moon and the Perseid meteor shower (we stayed up a bit, but never saw any!) LOTS of gelato and steak.

As with any trip to either property, there’s always a bit of work. I took the time to continue to wage war on the rust at the house. As the story about the mouse with a cookie goes, so it goes with paint and rust. While I intended to just do some touch ups, I ended up painting all the doors and white trim on the outside main level of the house. While I painted, the kids came and went, house to beach and back again – sat on the adirondack chairs in the shade, enjoyed the hammock, sunned on the upstairs deck or lounged on the new chairs and bench on the front deck. Conversations ran from relationships to vacations to college to relationships and more relationships (there were 4 teen girls there after all!) Using the house exactly as I’ve hoped. It was fun to be there to and to be a part of it.

The teen years are full of drama and turmoil. Above all, I’m grateful we have a place to go, to hang out, to be a little less scheduled and a little more at ease and to watch my kids and their friends grow and develop into very cool young adults. Precious times to be sure.



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