Traveling Light

Galveston, You Look Good

Another vacation rental summer has nearly come to a close. As school started this week, I spent some time merging all the necessary calendars – school, lacrosse, FFA, church, vacation rental bookings etc. Good thing I did because this week worked out to have the best open days to head to the beach house in Galveston. I did the usual end of season status check: extra cleaning and painting, inventory the supplies, etc. all the while having an HGTV marathon with Property Brothers and Fixer Upper. It always takes me about 24 hours to settle into being at the coast whenever I come, even if it’s supposed to be for vacation.  I get here, work hard and usually get to sleep very late the first night,  but I’m especially manic when I come alone!

There were flood warnings most of the day and half the cul-de-sac beside us is a swimming pool. Happily, there are no mosquitos about and the breeze has an ever so slight promise of fall in it.  As I sit here writing this, the sun is gilding everything around. After seeing nothing but heavy rain for most of the day, the sun breaking through is a welcome sight. Against the backdrop of the next storm clouds rolling in, it’s also spectacular. As the sun sets, the water is tinged with gold, lavender and now peach. It is a beautiful night. I’m very glad I’ve settled down in time to enjoy it.

2014 Las Brisas sunset

Sunset over pond out back


Sunset over cul de sac

Sunset over cul de sac


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