Life in Gerunds

As we enter these last two months of 2015, I’m either too busy or not busy enough, sometimes in the same day! It’s entering the quiet season for the beach houses, but continuing the busy season of fall activities for the family: college search travel, lacrosse tournaments, goat and horse shows. In the three weekends past, we’ve covered North Texas, Coastal Texas (The Blue Roost in Port Aransas), and West Texas. And in the weeks to come various members of the family will see Orlando, Galveston at Las Brisas, Boston and Chattanooga. And then it will be Christmas when international students with Christmas International House will come to us!

I saw this at my friend Kristen’s blog this week and loved the idea. So, in the midst of the busy, here are my gerunds 🙂

Traveling: everywhere and

Enjoying: being home this weekend!

Cleaning: the kitchen. Does that ever end?

Reading: Grain Brain – all I can say is hold on to your hat if you read this one! Also reading The Third Plate – beautifully written story about our food. I love non fiction.

Listening: to NPR, always. Music makes me cry. Well, so do some of the stories on NPR….

Walking: around the neighborhood with my husband and pup.

Working: on social media for the beach houses

Trying: to stay ahead with record keeping of finances in prep for the FAFSA (college financial aid form) in January

Praying: for my kids and my friends JJ and John and their families

Dreading: cleaning the pool today

Enjoying: lunch plans with husband. We love Freebirds 🙂

Needing: motivation to get started on that accounting….

Believing: in peace in the midst of chaos

Seeing: a beautiful day outside my kitchen window – cool, crisp, bright and lovely

Wishing: time would slow down just a pinch!!

Any others?

Sunset and the Lydia Ann Lighthouse

Dreaming: Sunset and the Lydia Ann Lighthouse


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