Gearing up for Summer 2015

I’m so excited! We put an ad in the May edition of Houston House and Home. Every May they run a “Galveston Island Guide.” The ad is on page 51 on the right side of the page. I was especially happy that we were able to put the vrbo links in for both houses – Port A and Galveston. We’ve only advertised via websites before, so I’m interested in seeing if this impacts web traffic to the Pinterest boards, the Facebook pages, the blog and of course the inquiries.

We were in Port Aransas for Easter – one of my favorite times to be there. The community gathers at sunrise for a short worship service at Robert’s Point Park. This year we were lucky enough to see a lot of dolphins and were there at just the right time for a ship to pass through the channel.

Dolphin in front of ship

Dolphin in front of ship

While there we also had the chance to relax, did a little geocaching and replaced the old refrigerator. This one has bins that are whole and work!

Geo caching is great fun for family time at the beach! Walking the jetty in Port Aransas is a family adventure! Everyone gets to work with the family vacation rental!

The coast had some terrible storms in mid and late April. Lots of damage in the Pointe West community to window screens and roofs. There were report of 100 mph winds and a tornado. One of my neighbors shared the video from their security camera – it was terrifying! The screaming of the wind, inside pendant light started to sway ever so slightly and the hail sounded like someone was pummeling the house with rocks. I love being at the beach, but, I am so very glad we weren’t there for that. Holy Moly it was intense. Thus far, we’ve only needed to replace a screen. However, enough of the roofs nearby are needing to be replaced, we are having ours inspected. I’m headed down shortly to do the seasonal restock of supplies at the house in Galveston and will find out more about the storm damage.

2015 is a big year for us – Bruce turned 50, one kiddo 16, the other one 18 and she’ll graduate in about 5 weeks! In between the usual busy and the celebrations, it’s been great to get away to the coast with the family. Life is about to change for us and it’s a precious thing to be aware of that in the midst of it. Enjoy those beach days friends!


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