Galveston Island is among the most historic on the Texas Coast. It’s proximity to Houston makes it easy to reach and provides enough of a population base for larger attractions. The length of the island makes it possible to find your lightly populated beach. You can truly get the best of both worlds. There are so many things to do around Galveston that you won’t be able to do them all.

The Beach

Our beach is on the Ponte West property, near the far Southwest end of the island. It’s among the best stretches of beaches on the whole island, and it has the Pointe West resort available. Bring your rental contract and just $20 bucks (one fee per household at the beginning of your stay), and you’ll be able to access the excellent facilities including two great pools, a small bar and cafe, and work out facilities.

As with all Texas beaches, seaweed can be an issue, but ours is very well maintained after mid April. Before then, they leave the seaweed on the beaches for the benefits of sea turtles and the ecology. We do provide boogie boards for board surfing, but they are pretty fragile. If you have to have them, you might consider picking up a couple on your way into town, or you can take your chances with the ones in our rental closet. It’s a great beach for sunning, sports, and running as well. It’s quite spacious, and flat.

Historic Galveston

If you find yourself going into town, you can check out the wooden sculptures that were carved from the giant trees that were killed in the storm sure of Hurricane Ike in September of 2008. Or, the Bishop’s Palace is a lovely and historic building. Check out this list of historic sites for more options.

Teens and Kids

The Pointe West has a teen room with lots of games. Some require a few extra dollars, like the pool tables. Others are free. Galveston also offers plenty of opportunities including Schlitterbahn, the fantastic water park, the amazing Moody Gardens with their rain forrest, pyramids, waterpark,  and full aquarium, and even a Rain Forrest Cafe.


You can drive into Galveston, but there are also a few places closer to the beach house. Around eight miles down the road toward Galveston, there’s Seven Seas, which will be on your right. Its a small but respectable place that is fine for a quick shop. If you want something closer, there’s a tiny shop around four miles down the road in Isla Del Sol, right near the water tower, on your left. There’s a hardware store in Jamaica Beach. But if you need more, there’s just about everything in Galveston.

Eating Out

There’s a place in Jamaica Beach, twelve miles down the road, called the Blue Water Grill. Drive another few minutes to Pirate’s Cove, and you’ll find a deli on your left, and once you get to Galveston you’ll find just about anything you want. We like Landry’s for upscale sea food, Salsas for Mexican, or the Spot. For somewhere a little off the beaten path, try the Mosquito Grill on 14th street. They say one bite is all it takes!

If all else fails, feel free to drop us an email. We will find you what you need.


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