Port Aransas

Port Aransas is a versatile beach community on Mustang Island, just off of North Padre Island. If you love the ocean, you’ll find something that you love to do.

Beaching It

The Port Aransas beaches on Mustang Island are the South Jetty Beach and the IB Magee Beach. They are both family friendly, with soft sand, gradual drop offs and sand bars that make them generally safe for families. These beaches are among the best that Texas has to offer. Swimming and wading are nice, but you will see more seaweed and jellyfish here than you will at a place like South Padre Island. The sand is soft and easy on the feet, the water gentle and forgiving. We like the beaches because you don’t see the rows and rows of high rises. It feels unspoiled. Quaint.

Our beach house provides a good launching point. You can stroll to the beach on a private board walk in about five minutes. You also drive in even less, should you want to lug over some heavier gear.


By many, Port Aransas is called the Fishing Capital of Texas. You can fish off the jetty, the pier, or the beach. Or, you can choose from some of the most successful charter boats in Texas.

Our house offers enough space for three cars with boat trailers, and walking distance to great beach fishing. You will need to bring your gear and a license!


Texas birders will enjoy the variety of coastal birds. Mustang Island has one of the highest bird counts on the gulf coast. Like many rentals in town, ours borders the protected dunes that lead to the beach. Those dunes are great bird habitat.


Whether you are fishing, sailing, or power boating, the Gulf Coast provides excellent boating. Our rental is a five minute drive from the marina, and is on stilts so there is plenty of room for your car and your boat. You can even leave them together!

Nature Enthusiasts

The Port Aransas nature preserve has two miles of hiking and biking within the park.  You can walk the board walks over the algal flats, hike the granite trails on the uplands, or just watch wildlife from the covered benches that liberally dot the park. You can also climb the tower that overlooks the wetlands around Salt Island.


We have a steady wind source like most of the Gulf Coast as well as several sand bars, so wave and wind sports are pretty good. You’ll find lots of spots in town that sell or rent boogie boards, surf boards, or kayaks (the sit-on-tops are the best). The water is a little murky because of the surf action and the abundant wildlife, so we don’t offer the best visibility for diving.

The beach offers a great platform for beach volleyball or soccer because it is relatively flat and wide open. The sand bars and orientation make this a better place than most for running on the beach, too.


Believe it or not, the Port Aransas area has two excellent golf courses. Newport Dunes, just south of the town on highway 361, is an Arnold Palmer signature course. And if you’re looking for a challenge, Padre Isles has more than enough wind and water to keep you interested. This course is on a certified Audubon Sanctuary.